Before using any command  !  is must.

  • Stats System commands!

!stats - Your stats.

!n - Player stats (Sample: !n 3 - where 3 is player id.

!sk - Self skill stats. Or !sk player nick - Sample - !sk [MCclan]Destroyer.

!top - top 5 players. Or. !top 34 - where 34, is for search who player has 34 place on top, or !top - for top5

!toprank - top skill rank 5 players +New

!rank - top 5 rank +New


  • Another commands

!cmd or !help - Command list.

!num - player list with id numbers.

!kick - Kick self

!status - Your permissions :)

!geo - your geo information. Or !geo id - Sample - !geo 5

!help - help list, or command list.

!admin - admin information.

!ip - your ip

!b - vote for player ban (sample: !b 3 - where 3 is player id.

!k - vote for player kick (sample: !k 3 - where 3 is player id.

!xmap map - mapvote (sample: !xmap harbor - where harbor is map.)

!register - players register for faster stats update and for chat anti flood ;)


Admin commands

!map mapname (mapname - harbor carentan pavlov depot brecourt abbey standoff logging brecourt railyard ship hurtgen)​

!restart - (gametype and map restart )​

!all - Player list, with id and status.

!status -For admin control need status Admin

!rc - control server with rcon commands (Sample: !rc g_speed 800 ,or !rc g_allowvote...and anothers)

!banlist - Banned last 10 players list - (if unban - sample: !unban 12, when 12 is number from banlist)

!ulist - Unbanned last 10 player list

!logout - logout from your group.

!update - download last update in (ReCodMod/x_update folder) for update need unarchive and replace files from archive.

!tban id minutes reason - to temporarily ban hacker

!ban id minutes reason - to permanently ban hacker

!unban id - to unban a person, only H.Admin can do.

!login password ||  !on password