Rules = 
  • Overuse or Misuse of the post is not allowed, Strict action will be taken.
  • The minimum age for ICS Admin is 16.
  • Friendly nature must be maintained.
  • Sharing of pass cause sudden removal from the post.
  • Inform before leaving your post on the same application.
  • English is a must in WhatsApp groups.
  • Whatsapp number is must otherwise no post.
  • Take 1-2 demos before banning as a proof.
  • Trial Admin = needed (basic knowledge)
  • Admin = needed (knowledge + experience)
  • If you are a deserving person then we will directly take you through your application.
  • If you want to be an admin. Post your application. We will decide to add you in either Trial Admin or Admin. And according to your work, you will get a promotion.
  • Donations are removed. But if you want to keep our servers alive, Try to donate anything to

H.Admin Rights = 

  • Recruit people

  • Control over Admins & Trial Admins.

  • Ban + Kick hackers

  • Can use other commands.


Admin Rights =

  • Ban hackers 

  • Kick hackers

  • Control over Trial Admins.

  • Can use other commands.


Moderator Rights = 

  • Ban Hackers under guidance of Admins & H.Admins.

  • Kick Hackers.

  • Can use other commands.